The themes of the Matthew 25 invitation are grounded in the gospel. Jesus calls us to serve with and for “the least of these” — not as a group to be pitied, but as people who are deeply loved by Jesus.
We aim to help multiply this loving commitment to radical and fearless discipleship by working to embrace one or more of these three focuses:
• Building congregational vitality by challenging the congregation and our members to deepen and energize their faith and grow as joyful leaders and disciples actively engaged with their community, seeing new disciples engaged in ministry and longstanding believers develop in faith as the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared in word and deed.
• Dismantling structural racism by fearlessly applying our faith to advocate and break down the systems, practices and thinking that underlie discrimination, bias, prejudice and oppression of people of color.
• Eradicating systemic poverty by acting on our beliefs and working to change laws, policies, plans and structures in our society that perpetuate economic exploitation of people who are poor
Join us on this journey!

Love An Other:
The Bible’s Call to Unity, Justice, and Equity featuring Rev. Denise Anderson. This 5-part series explores the sociological practice of “othering” and the Christian’s responsibility to eradicate it.
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During the month of August 2020, First Presbyterian offered One in Christ, a multi-generational study on anti-racism. Below, you can find videos from the session sharing book readings, discussion and crafts.

WEEK ONE: Aug. 9-15, we are starting One in Christ, our anti-racism study, with a story for preschoolers. In Brian the Brave, we will see what a group of sheep can teach us about working and playing together, even when we look and sound different from each other. Click the links below to find the videos.

– Brian the Brave Listen to the book
– Brian the Brave Discussion
– Brian the Brave Craft – The craft kits can be picked up at the church office (Tues.-Thurs.) 9am – 4pm.

Week 2 of One in Christ for elementary-aged children:
This week, we are continuing One in Christ, our anti-racism study, with a story for elementary-aged children. In Who Is My Neighbor?, Midnight Blue finds out who will be a good neighbor to him when he gets hurt. Can we learn something from those who choose to help him?

Who Is My Neighbor? story
Who Is My Neighbor? discussion
Who Is My Neighbor? activity

Week 3 of One in Christ for teens & youth – This week, One in Christ is focused on starting a conversation about racism with teens and youth. Responding to Racism provides a chance to learn a few facts about how racism affects people of color, and why it is important to be an ally and an advocate for those who experience it. Click the links below to view the Responding to Racism videos.

Responding to Racism Introduction
Responding to Racism Activity
Responding to Racism Discussion

WEEK 4 – One in Christ – Adult Zoom Study Dates

Sept. 9 at 6pm – Why Is It So Difficult to Talk About Racism?
Oct. 14 at 6pm – Racism 101
Nov. 11 at 6pm – The Bible and Racism
Dec. 9 at 6pm – A History of Racism in the United States, Part 1
Jan. 13 at 6pm – A History of Racism in the United States, Part 2
Feb. 10 at 6pm – A History of Racism in the United States, Part 3

Watch for the Zoom link to be shared in the Church E-News or call Rev. Kahl (513) 446-3837 to request the link.

02-10-21 The History of Racism in the U.S.

The History of Racism in the U.S., Part 1

10-14-20 Racism 101