2018 Gifts of the Heart Fundraiser

3 hearts for 3 days for $20

We’re doing it again in 2018. During the month of February, we hope you’ll begin to see Valentine hearts on lawns of Jacksonville homes and businesses and hear from friends and loved ones who have received them. In 2018, we’d like to give you the opportunity to recognize our first responders, too!  So if you’d like to show a family member, neighbor or police station, fire department or EMT service your gratitude, this is a fun way to do it!

The funds collected will go to help purchase the 15,000 meals we will package at our Rise Against Hunger event in May.

Yes, the exciting part of our Gifts of the Heart fundraiser begins on Feb.1, when yard hearts will begin to appear on lawns throughout the Jacksonville area. But you must first sign up your recipients in January. 3 hearts for 3 days for $20.00.

So let’s get involved. Here are the ways to help make the fundraiser a success:

  • Help make the hearts. Supplies can be provided or you can make your own.
  • Sign-up to donate hearts. In January, a sign-up sheet will be on the table outside the church office and online. Checks can be made out to First Presbyterian Church with memo “Gifts of the Heart”.
  • We need people to help move the hearts from lawn to lawn.

To make the delivery process less difficult, you will not be able to choose specific dates during the month of February for your hearts to be delivered, but you will be notified when your gift of the heart is to be delivered to the recipient.

Begin to make your list of recipients and let Kaye know if you can help to make the hearts or deliver them. Sign-up forms are below and on the table outside the church office. It you wish to sign a note card that will be delivered with the hearts, check by the church office or see Kaye. Sign-up today – red-kayak@hotmail.com  or 910-389-2592.

Gift-of-the-Heart_2018 Sign-up Form

Christian Communications Institute (CCI)

August 2017 Mission News

April 2017 Sawadee Newsletter

First Presbyterian Supports Missionaries in Thailand

Missionaries Andy and Ellen Collins have worked alongside CCI since 2006, and led a similar tour to the USA in 2009. Founded nearly 40 years ago, CCI has a staff of professional performers as well as audio-visual technicians and administrative staff. CCI’s aim is to raise awareness of key social issues and to communicate the Christian message through Thai music, dance and drama. Using both traditional and modern art forms, CCI leads programs in schools and communities throughout Thailand.

First Presbyterian has promised prayers and financial support when able, to the Collins and their ministry in Thailand. We were pleased to receive newsletters that share an update on their ministry.