Special Community Service of Lament
Sunday, July 17 at 6:00 p.m.

Our Christian faith calls us to speak out against the wave of deadly violence across our nation: in places of work, in churches, schools, nightclubs, neighborhoods, and on our streets. Our gratitude for the reconciling work of Jesus Christ inspires us to work for reconciliation not just between God and individuals, but also among races, ethnicities, religions, in all areas where there are divisions that cause pain and injustice. Our belief in a God who is both merciful and just, loving and sovereign, prompts us to reach out to the local community and host a time of prayer and fellowship. 

Therefore the First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville invites the community Jacksonville to join us on Sunday July 17 at 6:00 for a Service of Lament, followed by light refreshments and opportunities for conversation.  We are located at 400 Bayshore Blvd North, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

The prayer of lament is a biblical tradition of prayer that includes expressions of complaint, anger, grief, despair, and protest to God that are followed by a confession of trust in God’s faithfulness, an appeal for relief, and a final vow of thanksgiving. This Sunday evening let us gather together before God and acknowledge the brokenness, the pain, the complexity of our life together as human beings in this place and time. Together, let us mourn the loss of more black males and affirm that black lives matter. Together, let us grieve for the law enforcement officers who lost their lives while trying to keep the peace. Together, let us lament the lives lost in Orlando to hate and intolerance.

Together, let us confess our trust in God’s faithfulness. Together, let us give thanks to God for the opportunity to be beacons of hope and love in the midst of hopelessness and hate. Together, let us work for peace and justice.


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